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VOTM - November (Most 'likes' wins)

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  • VOTM - November (Most 'likes' wins)

    November is upon us - How'd that happen?
    To take your mind off of it (unless you're southern-hemi, in which case, please, no gloating) here's Charlie Bruce absolutely banging it down Bray Hill in 1953.
    November was probably the last thing on his mind when this photo was taken.
    Now I don't know what this bike is (250 OHC?) but it sure looks like fun.

    Click image for larger version

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    I'll kick it off with a pic of my '67 Viper. This is a very old image, so the res is poor, sorry! The bike is also dusty, dirty and unpolished!


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      Yeah, but I LOVE that! No not super-polished... very tidy but not overdone... a user, nicely prepped and looks pretty original.
      Not to knock the super- finished restorations, there's a place for everything, even some trashy, rough machines still look great too don't they?


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        Thanks. I've deliberately avoided doing too much cosmetic work, as it was to all intents and purposes 100% original when I bought it, which was the reason I did buy it! Before I replaced some of the fasteners, spacers etc with stainless, they were all Rubery Owen, I have kept the original stuff though. Everything except the tank, rear number plate assembly, front engine plates, battery carrier and dynamo end cap, is still in the original paint, which is in remarkable condition. Silencer, mudguards, handlebars, rims, etc, etc still have the original chrome. The mag has been rebuilt and I have a brand new Amal to go on as the original is worn to the extent that idle is unreliable, despite a new slide, needle, jet and float needle. So, after a really good wash and degrease, and a weekends polishing it will look really smart, but with that original patina. I was debating the idea of having the wheels rebuilt with new spokes, as the originals have gone dull, but that may swing the balance too far. One thing that did bug me, I had the speedo rebuilt as it was waving about too much, and they did a good job, except for, they zero'ed the mileage, which I specifically asked them not to do!! Making it even worse was the fact I'd lost the note I'd made recording the mileage, and I cannot for my life recall what it was!
        Anyway, apart from not being a Thruxton, I couldn't wish for a better Velo!
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          Gotta be Singlething this month eh. I'm also a fan of the non-concourse look. I'm not one to get too wrapped up in originality, but people forget that not much of this stuff left the factory polished to a mirror finish.


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            Thanks, but no competition really! I'll post a new image of the other side for December, LOL!!
            On the subject of finish, I think Velocette were better finished than most of the era, although, not by much!