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newbie....from central NJ

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  • newbie....from central NJ

    shopguy here from central NJ.......
    aka Mike

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    Welcome. Do you have a Velo?


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      Glad that you found your way Mike ! ....welcome aboard .


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        1952 Rigid MAC. unrestored
        1967 Venom, unrestored


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          I sort of envy you mate... to have 2 unrestored bikes to work on.


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            Just.....a little more detail about my Velocette'ing. I got my first velo, a 50 Rigid MAC as a "gift" back around 1986. It was missing lots, but what I had was very rusty. It went off to Ed G in Lakebay. I had it back in a few short years....and it was a stunner restoration. Ed does wonderful work. <this is about the time I met my buddy Ed D....who has an Endurance model> , In a moment of stupidity and "low cash"...I sold it to a co-worker - yeah. stupid.....I still regret it. Fast forward to the late 1990s, and I was in the process of collecting parts with the help of Ed G again, to build a Venom special! Fast forward to 2017, I bought a 52 Rigid MAC from California. It needed a little love, but it was AMAZINGLY original. In short order, it was putting around here in central NJ. Life's been getting in the way since...and the "special" was begun......and it was languishing in my basement....missing small bits, but one big chunk...the gearbox. Most of the other work was Ed G. Realizing that with 3 kids, wrenching time was at a premium, and it would probably take me another 10 yrs to finish - - I made the decision to sell the Venom special. The new owner is a lister here.....

            That brings me to very recent history (past couple months): the special is now in capable hands, and I'm sure will be finished up in short order. By complete dumb luck, I found a friend with a 67 Venom (turns out to be a Mk2 Clubman Vee-line by the numbers - - but the fairing and rearsets are gone). The bike has very low miles, but needs some going through. I bought the bike him, and its now in my "basement" to be properly "woken" up. I hope I don't find much wrong....fingers crossed. I'll have the cold winter months to get it ready for spring! But AGAIN... I'm out of play money AND realizing the once the Venom is done, the MAC will probably see very little use....I decided to, and in fact just sold the 52 Rigid MAC to a good friend of mine. HOPEFULLY, he's going the list. He's currently on the Britbike forum. So I'm sure he'll find his way here to do some "learnin".

            so that's the story. I have 1 velo. 1967 Venom Clubman Mk2 Veeline - - looking like a not quite right Venom.....but the matching numbers don't lie...... I plan to get it running as-is and enjoy. I'll also be looking to find the missing Mk2 parts as time and money permit.......
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              what it probably looked like in 1967 when originally sold by M.C. Cycle supply. Advert looks to be of a MK1 Veeline because of the shifter........
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