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Selector Rods - 12 series box

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  • Selector Rods - 12 series box

    Just been chasing a 'difficult to adjust clutch' issue, done all the adjustments by the book plenty already... and one thing got me wondering about something else.
    In the main gearbox shell there's 2 holes for the selector rods to engage in. One of the rods as far as I recall its partially behind the thrust pad for the frying pan. This is an interference fit, as is the fit of the same rods on the gearbox outer shell. If the fit is a bit 'less worn' on the outer shell end, and a bit more on the drive side main shell, when the cover is fitted, if the box is already in the bike and the clutch /chaincases are fitted, what's to stop the end cover pushing that rod pushing through the casing a tad onto the back of that thrust pad and screwing up chances of correct adjustment?
    Anyone had a problem before with those rods not being a 'good fit' in the main shell?
    Come to think of it, what is a 'good fit'?
    Would be great if they threaded into the shell and there was a lip so they could only screw into the prescribed depth guaranteeing zero unwanted lift.

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    In the earlier boxes the rods are positively located. It's all dimensioned so that those selector rods are shouldered and bolted at the right hand end, stopping them pushing through the shell on the LH side.
    Can't remember the later box arrangement, but I've seen shells that have been lightly peened around those holes on the LH side, obviously to stop 'em pushing through. Those rods need to be a 'nice' fit - no slop but not needing excessive force to fit.

    Oooh just remembered... the Haynes manual contains an INCORRECT clutch adjustment routine. Follow the Red Book.
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