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Best DIY Plating kit ?

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  • Best DIY Plating kit ?

    I've used a friend's 'Janes' Plating kit to do zinc plating for small fittings and nuts & bolts.
    Found it quite good, but I was wondering about other people's experiences with different kits. (I doubt that Plating kits would be shipped internationally (I'm in Australia) because of the dangerous chemicals involved.
    But all input could be useful info for members in different countries.

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    Caswell has a pretty good reputation in the USA, I've not used it yet, but Mike Waller ( Britannia Motorcycles ) has a YouTube video that shows and explains VERY clearly the process....and results .

    Caswell does a very inexpensive $ 49 US .... brush plating kit, apparently works very well on smallish items .... e.g. small spindles, wheel nuts etc. .... I may purchase and do some of my fasteners .... will report on this forum as to results .
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      Did you get it Did it work?


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        No, I have not bought the kit yet.


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          For the UK folks among us, I've got one of these kits.

          Works pretty well. I went for the zinc/nickel kit. Preparation is everything, but it works remarkably well.
          However, if I had a whole bike worth of fasteners to do I'd just send it off to the pros - probably quicker, and someone else can deal with the hydrogen embrittlement worries.
          Great for the odd bit here and there though, plus you get to look like a mad scientist.