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Fitting the gearbox

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  • Fitting the gearbox

    I have been advised that fitting the gearbox into an RS frame with the motor in place is not recommended, or is impossible ..... any comments on that statement ?, I would like to fit the motor into the frame and get it off my bench , but not if I have to take it out again when I finally get my gearbox back from being rebuilt ..... that's a long story, but not relevant here. Thanks.

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    Are you talking about removing and replacing the internals - gearcluster etc, but leaving the shell in situ?


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      Hey joolstacho....hope that you are out of fire danger now ! ?. Hopefully I will be getting a complete, assembled gearbox back from being rebuilt soon, I want to put the motor into the frame in the meantime, I was told that the complete, assembled 'box won't go in with the motor in place ??


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        Right. Well you won't be able to fit the engine in tightly because the right hand gearbox plate (which also mounts the engine rear mounts, has to be off to fit the gearbox shell in.
        I think - (from unreliable memory :-), it's the lower and upper pivot gearbox adjustment parts on the gearbox casting that mean the RH engine plate needs to be off and slipped over the gearbox which is then offered up into the frame. So the engine will be sitting loosely on it's front engine mounts and LH rear mounts only.
        So, (from suss memory again), I think it's easiest if you have the LH plates all fitted, then slip the RH gearbox mount plate over the 'box and then place it in all position as one.

        Yes it's cooled here a bit, but we're under no illusions, it's only early in the fire season. A fire that started and was stopped pretty quickly about 3ks north of us, popped up again a couple of days ago - after about a week. Various places have had rain which is a mixed blessing. Enormous fires are still going in the mountain country to the east, along thousands of kilometre fronts. A lot of it is sparsely populated inaccessible country. Thanks for your concern mate.


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          Ah.... good job I did not press on then !, I can still put the motor in loosely though, that will get it off the bench !.
          I hear from my friend in Melbourne that the " Greenies " ??, are being blamed for allowing the build up of underbrush that has fed the fires so dramatically, anyway mate, glad that you are ok, hope that friends and family are away from danger also.


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            Hmmm, well I'm a bit reluctant to comment because on another forum I've been virtually 'sent to coventry' for expressing a view from the 'Green' side (which is a shame because we should all be free to put forward a view -without getting overly political eh?)
            I'll just make one simple point to those who think that 'fuel reduction burning' is the answer. Just take a look at a map of Australia, now take account of these massive fires we've been experiencing. Now look at the map again, noting how small the the fire areas are compared to the whole, and realise the MASSIVE amount of burning we'd need to do to protect all the towns, villages, etc. We would have a PERMANENT smoke cloud above the east coast of the continent. (Which would then spread around the World).
            Imagine all the health issues that would involve. Imagine the decimation to wildlife. And it would need to be re-burned every 3-5 years, because that's all the time it needs to build up a dangerous fuel load up again. I'll shuddup now!!!


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              Go ahead and express your view .... I'll copy and paste and pass along to my friend in Melbourne. Currently, my issue is with my Venom ..... but I do respect your views.