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  • VMT colours

    I have been lucky enough to own a couple of Thruxtons over the years. An all Black one ( VMT500 fittingly residing in the southern hemisphere now.) and a silver and Blue one cannot recall number.
    Also learnt that the Canadian importer did bring in some Thruxtons with silver tank and fenders everything else Black, Are there other factory colours for Thruxton s or would Velo paint them any colour you wanted to pay for?

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    The most common colour scheme for the Thruxton was dark blue frame etc, I think the colour name was 'Anchor Blue' with 'Silver Fox' tank -a UK Ford colour. I don't think there were other colour schemes apart from this and the black, -unless possibly for special 1-off orders ?
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      Hi Jools , had a chat with the owner of the 1968 Thruxton with silver tank and fenders . Apparently ordered in by The Canadian velo dealer(Bateman) and used as his personal bike until sold to current owner in 1971. At that time this man was also offered , still in the crate, the last Thruxton VMT 1208 C. V but went for the dealers sorted out bike as he preferred mag and GP carb to the last one that had coil ignition and a concentric. The last one still resides here in Canada only recently being taken from the crate-never started.


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        "The Last Thruxton" That'd make a good book and then film adaptation. Wonder if they did an 'unboxing' video of it on youtube.