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Shocking lighting discovery on my Viper!!

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  • Shocking lighting discovery on my Viper!!

    I'm in the process of changing to LED lamps on my Viper, so I thought I should check what is actually in the headlight as it is. Now I haven't been inside or even looked at the headlight unit for 25 or more years so have no recollection of what it comprises of. What I found shocked me! I knew one thing before I started to remove the headlight, it has the original Miller rim, no surprise there then. So I removed the rim unit and started to examine. First, it has a Lucas 700 series light unit, I sort of remember that, on closer inspection, it is marked European, is that right hand dip?! Then the shocker, the bulb is a globe type with an H4 type base, brand is Reluma, West Germany, 6 volt but 45/40 Watts!! So, the headlight alone exceeds the output of the dynamo! Now I never rode the Viper much before it's engine rebuild, even less afterwards and I don't ever recall riding it at night, good job then!
    So you own a bike for, in this case, 36 years, you think you know it and then find something like that!
    I reckon the previous owner was trying to improve the lighting and thought more watts should do it!! Doesn't explain the right hand dip reflector though, maybe he just didn't realise!
    Although I did have it MOT'd at least once, maybe twice and it didn't fail!

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    I put a 60watt Lucas dynamo on mine, so I could run an H4 like that, but regret selling the 40w Miller.


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      I should have mentioned mine still has the Miller dynamo.


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        Harhar Singlething... "shocking" discovery...!


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          It was subtle, LOL! Subsequent to a conversation with someone more knowledgeable than I on things Velo electrical system, I am informed that the later singles had a 60 watt Miller dynamo! This version has a longer body, logical I suppose, and mine is this of this type. So it would cope with the higher wattage bulb ok! The Lucas light unit is RH dip though, so not correct for UK roads. Fortunately though, new Lucas units of the correct type and pattern are available for a surprisingly fair price. I'm still going LED though.