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Correct seat type for a '67 Viper?

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  • Correct seat type for a '67 Viper?

    My viper has a flat, plain seat, without the side pieces near the front. Is this correct for the year, or was the type with side pieces an option? As far as I know, the seat it has is the original but I'm seeing machines of the same era with the side piece, or 'ears' seat, so as I was going to have the seat recovered, it would be good to know. If it isn't the correct type, I may go for a new repro seat of the ears variety.

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    you can convert your plank type seat to the ear type by attaching a couple of triangular plates to the seat base you have. Make a cover or have the good folk at RK Leighton mail you a new cover.


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      A lot of 'planks' have been replaced by 'ears' type because they do have a more integrated look. Shouldn't be hard to find out when they changed.


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        A friend of mine has had a 1967 clubman from new, it came with the ear type seat from the factory.


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          Got a feeling that '67 was the year they introduced the Mk2 Clubman, and I think they all came with the eared seat.

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        Thanks guys. I think I'll keep the original seat as it is and buy a new repro ear seat, just for the sake of a change! Maybe the ear seat was an extra cost option, or fitted as standard to the higher spec versions, like the clubman etc?