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    For those of you who use a TLS front brake .... what size cables ....inner and outer ... are you using ?.
    I have a Norton TLS front brake fitted to my Venom, when this type of brake was fitted to my Norton 650SS I was advised by Andover Norton to use ONLY a heavy duty cable....which I did.
    In speaking with Venhill USA , their HD cable is a 3mm inner and an 8mm outer , which Venhill says is very heavy and does not take bends easily.
    I did not measure the HD cable from Andover so cannot compare the specs.
    I want to make up my own brake cable .... but want to make sure that I get a decent, durable cable taht works with a TLS brake.

    Thanks for any and all advice.

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    That HD cable is a bit over the top. I think the quality is more important than size. On my VM Mk1 Clubman my SLS brake has a 19/64" outer with 3/32" inner. And my Super Rocket with BSA TLS brake (the good one) has 7/32" outer with 3/32" inner. Both brakes feel very solid. I don't think that a TLS brake would need a bigger cable than a SLR, (Arguably the TLS could require less pressure therefore a smaller cable - I'm not suggesting you do that, just a consideration).


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      Thanks joolstacho, my pal in the UK runs a Thruxton with a TLS brake and a 2.5mm ..( .0984" ) ...which is only .004" smaller in diameter to your inner cable .... that is acceptable to me for the Norton TLS.
      I agree that the Venhill HD is over the top, the 2mm ...( .0787 " ) inner cable that Venhill calls " standard " is a bit small in diameter for my comfort, they have told me that a 2.5mm inner has to be used in conjunction with an 8mm dia. ...( .315" ) outer cable .... I guess that will be the direction to go . Thanks for your input !.