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  • Article uploading?

    So how does one upload articles to that section? There doesn’t appear to be an upload link on the articles page, so is this an administrator privilege or something like that?

    I was thinking of uploading a few Velo parts manuals and technical articles etc. And hoping others would do the same.
    My hope is that this forum can become the go to place for Velo owners looking for easily obtainable free knowledge.
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    Have you tried that little icon on the right -looks like a page with half a paper clip? 'Upload attachments'
    (Would be great to have manuals etc here).
    I've just uploaded a pdf file Rigi-didge - use that little icon, it works, (you'll see my 'Baffle' article that I've just done).
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      For some reason I don’t have that icon. That’s what I was looking for.
      I also note that your trial baffle upload isn’t viewable yet? Does the administrator need to approve such things? Or is there something wrong with my membership?

      Oddly enough I can view your “useful threads” doc no problem.

      So just to be clear, this icon is on the articles page?
      The only upload or attachment icon I can find is when making a post in one of the forums, like this one.
      There is no option to transfer that post to the articles section that I can see.
      Also small note, when I did experiment with uploading PDF parts lists, they are rejected for being over 15MB.
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        Mate, I'm sorry about that. here's a screenshot of what you should see. I've circled the little icon you need to attach a linked article.

        Note however, I think that in order to 'see' the actual linked file, you would need to have the originating application on your computer.
        But I'll check with Don and get back to you.
        Bear in mind that you need to hit: GO TO POST, then hit the filename, The file might open the application automatically to display the file. On my MAC system I have to click the 'downloaded' icon on my icon dock.
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          Yup saw that, thanks for the reply though.
          The thing is, as I mentioned. I cant even post a new thread of the Articles page. I can just click on your posts and reply to them etc.
          I guess we'll get it sorted soon enough.


          • joolstacho
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            Editing a comment
            Sorry mate, I'll remind Don.

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          Mate, don't you see this +new article button when you go to ARTICLES ?
          Click image for larger version

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            Jools, When I go to the Articles section the + New Article icon does not appear on my screen. It seems it is a privilege of administrators only.

            Cheers Don


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              I have the same experience as Don, hence my earlier question re administrator privileges.


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                I think it's a great idea to have a tech archive or something on here, at the moment everything is spread all over the web and finding info for a newbie is quite time consuming and even involves getting out there and talking to actual people where to find things haha.

                I think this is half the charm and commitment of owning the bikes but i think some kind of 'sticky' post at the top of the tech section could be useful, just an index of existing resources such as the BMS manuals, links for the parts suppliers, VOC etc, owens velos.


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                  A pity we can't seem to sort this one out. I spent ages scouring the web for material when I got into Velos. I even ended up buying expensive OEM hard copies of some, and then scanning, indexing and hyperlinking them for everyone's benefit. Yet I can't upload them! Things like Parts Lists, Instruction Manuals, Proprietary suppliers manuals (Webb forks etc) etc.

                  I also note that on this forum the upload limit is 15MB, this restricts one to lower resolutions and many manuals done at a good middling res are around 25-35MB,
                  Perhaps the only way to email an administrator with an arttached PDF file and they can put it on here? Adds work load to all involved but I guess if its just a couple of things...

                  I dont like seeing people flogging scanned Velo manuals for $$$ on eBay that we should be able to supply to fellow enthusiasts. Surely we can come up with something?


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                    RigidMSS Can you let me know if you see the "+ New Article" button now when logging in? Might need to log out/in for it to refresh.
                    Found a setting that was enabled by default that seems to restrict who can publish in the articles section. Let me know if you still can't add new content.

                    Regarding the attachment sizes/upload limits, one of the 'price varying factors' of the subscription we have is bandwidth. For each 10MB file upload, that's 10MB of the monthly quota used. Totally fine for uploads, but then if 100 people each click on the file, suddenly we're going to be going down a path to hitting bandwidth limits, and things start getting expensive, not to mention slower.

                    Depending on the file format for whatever you are uploading, there may be alternative options. I'm happy to look into that but would need to know what format they are. In a perfect world we'd have files uploaded only in very generic formats that anyone using any device can read without the need for the installation of programs or plug-ins. Most stuff should load for viewing in a modern browser just fine, and if a user wants to save a copy of that for printing at home this is also almost always possible. That's even how I get my payslips at work. Basically, files should only be as big as they need to be. There's very little to be gained from higher quality than your average monitor can display, but it can be nice to zoom in at times... but not to molecular levels - It's a forum, we're not checking satellite imagery for ISIS training camps.

                    As far as I can tell, the actual 'articles' section is built in such a way that the intention is to write the article actually into it, as if it was a forum post but without it being a thread that others could comment on - rather a single post. It should be feasible to just upload a string of images page-by-page, but depending on how many pages there are this might be an unenviable task.
                    Last option is to just load a link to a file repo. This means the actual files could be as big as you like, and hosted anywhere you like, from a webserver running in someones garage, to Google Drive, or even one of the other Velo sites like the new Velocette io page Dai migrated across from yahoo. I for one am 100% in support of collaborations and linking content between sites - generally improving the chances of anyone finding stuff.

                    Lastly, please, I beg of you, no .TIFF files ;O)


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                      As far as I can see, we'd probably never need anything other than pdf, gif, jpg files, and perhaps plain text, .doc maybe. As you can see, I created .pdf and .doc files which worked fine. And it looks to me as though you can add a file to any post, it doesn't need to be in 'Articles'. But you do need to be running the correct application to read the file format obviously, though those very common formats would be pretty universal for sure. (Filesizes? I spent half a career tearing my hair out because clients couldn't 'get' filesize optimisation. All we can do is advise on this I think).

                      Have to leave the bandwidth issue to you Don, (be interesting to know what it is), and as you say it might be that we have to have these sort of files separately/externally hosted.
                      All food for thought. I'm sure we'll get there in the end, patience is required!


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                        Interesting, I just attempted to attach a 6.5meg file, - a KSS parts manual. But got the message 'exeeds the 878.9kb limit'.