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Looking for several things.....a list of velo stuff:

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  • Looking for several things.....a list of velo stuff:

    Looking for:

    Going to build an ART project! looking for the following "non suitable for use!" pieces. Trying to build up a display Venom engine: need: timing cover, pushrod tube, valve cover, tappet cover......,

    For actual road use; I'm going to need a Mk1 Clubman fairing and Mk1 rearsets. But that is a long long way off. just starting the search......

    I'd also like to find an old original lucas battery for a venom. Obviously a dead hollow out and use as a case only.

    Thanks shopguy in NJUSA
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    Well, it's not much to contribute, but I have a pushrod cover tube spare, and an old seized MSS piston, - no good for running but ok for a display engine. By Mk 1 fairing do you mean the Avon aftermarket fairing?
    I do have MAC crankcases with timing covers, but that's no good for your project.