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Saab Viggen anyone?

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  • Saab Viggen anyone?

    Oh I know it's a tintop. But I've always like the Saab brand. And YES I once actually owned a Saab Viggen, - a jet aeroplane no less... YES? Well, not quite -it was a Saab Viggen Jet aircraft. A radio controlled ducted fan jet.
    Beautiful thing that I built. About 6 foot wingspan delta. I was working for a while with Trim Aircraft / Ramtec, designing their 'next-gen' RC jet for gas turbine power. When the Viggen fuselage came up
    as part of the deal... I thought, well, in for a penny!. With great difficulty I made this thing... the jet intake mouldings were a nightmare. But then, -What a tosser... I sold it after I had solved all the evil problems, and made the complete Viggen aircraft before I ever got to fly it. The foam-core wings were a bit of an art - making / cutting the foam-core wing/cutting templates.
    Ah well. That was then... this is now.
    Today, after some fun with a great old friend who wanted to unload her Saab 93, I've snagged her beautiful low K car. Owned by her from new. Pocket money. Looking forward to playing with this.
    A new car is nice too eh? Especially if it's 20 years old and never been kissed!!!

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    Saab's, ah,h, now there's a subject! Have had 2 in my life, 1st was my dear departed Dads 1973 95, the estate version, complete with V4 Saab/Ford engine and freewheel device. Theres a story behind the freewheel device, later though. Then, a few years ago, an '07 9-5 Diesel Sport. That version transpired to be the wrong choice! The sport suspension was REALLY sport, as in, way too hard, given the cars performance capability. Apart from that, it was quite comfortable and handled well. Fuel economy was poor for a diesel though. Was written off in a minor collision with a 3rd party of the clown variety! Ultimately though, those later Saabs were just Vauxhalls in another frock, but Saab didn't deserve to fail. That 95 my Dad had though, I really liked that, extremely difficult to find in anything approaching decent condition these days.


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      I think mine was built on the cusp of the GM buy in/out. I need to research it, but I think that this Dec 1999 build is all Saab not 'mix 'n match GM. Very refined car.
      It was seeping some oil out of the head joint, and I sucked 2.4 litres !!! of oil out of the dipstick tube to bring it to the correct level. Ruddy'ell, It must have been pumping oil out! I hope the gasket isn't damaged and will settle down.