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Other bikes... Jap smoker!?

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  • Other bikes... Jap smoker!?

    Just a little thing. Yesterday Mary and I cruised up the Hume highway in the ol' Ute, from near Ballarat to Albury NSW. No biggie, but about 1000k 'round trip. We went to pick up Mary's 'new' bike... a 50 year old Suzuki TS100 that I'd picked up from the VJMC site. (dead original I might add, and for pocket money).
    We shoved it rudely in the back of the ute, and dragged it out back down here, and it'll be a little beauty for Mary to fang around our 30 acres of hilly Oz woodland paradise. Yes, I know it's just a little Jap smoker, but... everything has it's place eh?
    Got it running this afternoon, and she'll have plenty of fun on it for sure. Plenty of fettling to do yes. But that's what I'm here for isn't it?

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    All part of motorcycling history though! I have a couple of strokers, which I love to bits, a BSA D7 Bantam and a Mobylette 50V. The Bantam, even though it's a little hamstrung by it's 3 speed box, is still surprisingly effective even on todays roads. The Mobylette is sheer joy to ride and a cultural Icon in France. I'd like to get a Suzuki B120 sometime, always had a thing for those!